Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Q: How much will my move cost and how will the price be calculated?

A: The cost will be calculated at the end of your move (see RATES). We can provide accurate estimates beforehand. We can provide flat rate estimates depending on the situation. 


Q: Is the price of my move set in stone ahead of time?Are your rates fixed, or do they change (e.g. seasonal rate changes, rate changes based on the time of month)?

A: Our rates are fixed (we don't raise our prices at the end of the month).


Q: Is there an additional charge for travel time?

A: Travel time is billed at the same rate for moves within the city. We can provide flat travel rates for long distance moves. 


Q: Do you charge extra for stairs?

A: No.


Q: Is there anything I can do to reduce the cost of my move?

A: Packing and preparation will reduce the cost of your move.


Q: Are you equipped to do single item moves (e.g. fridge, bed, toaster, whatever)?

A: Yes. Generally on a flat rate. 


Q: How long will my move take?

A: We can provide accurate estimates beforehand. 


Q: What is included in the price of my move?

A: Two strong movers, our truck,  stretch wrap, moving blankets, mattress covers, tools, dollies, experience and hard work. 


Q: The area I live in is not listed under the locations tab on your website, can you stage my move anyway?

A: More than likely.